Cavapoos Care Guide: Tips for Your Curly Companion

Cavapoos Care Guide: Tips for Your Curly Companion

The cavapoo is a mix between a toy poodle and a cavalier king charles spaniel.

The cavapoo, also called cavoodle, is one of the hybrid dog breeds. It arose from a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Toy Poodle. Not only does he stand out for his cuteness, but also because he is very lively and affectionate.


  • Size Small (5-10kg)
  • coat length Short hair
  • Black
  • Red fire
  • Blue gray
  • Brown/chocolate
  • Cream
  • White
  • Fawn (light brown)
  • Arena
  • Bicolor
  • Tricolor

Appearance: teddy bear? No, cavapoo!

The round head, big dark eyes, and soft, fluffy curly hair: we’re either talking about a teddy bear or the cavapoo. He has large, hairy floppy ears that add the finishing touch to his beautiful little head.

What hair colors exist?

The extra soft and slightly wavy or curly coat is the typical trait of the cavapoo. As for color, it can be almost any shade or combination of colors. This depends on whether the dominant inheritance is that of the toy poodle or the cavalier king charles spaniel.

Thus, you can find specimens in brown, red, white, cream, silver beige, apricot or black. Within the same litter there can be puppies of different colors, and even tricolors.

What size it has?

An adult cavapoo has a height at the withers of between 30 and 35 centimeters. However, the size can vary greatly depending on the parents.

It weighs between five and nine kilos, with the females being somewhat lighter and more delicate. Despite its small size, the cavapoo has a robust and compact build.

Simple character

The sweet teddy bear appearance should not deceive, since the cavapoo is a full-fledged dog with not inconsiderable needs. If these are taken into account, this dog becomes a friend for life.

Social animal: essential pack

This small to medium-sized furry is a lively whirlwind who gets excited about any type of exercise or play. With its jovial character, it is the joy of the garden in any home. Furthermore, he is brave and caring, making him a companion who would defend his family if necessary.

He is very playful and loves to play with other dogs or children. However, he also knows how to appreciate a quiet afternoon with his family, curled up in his fluffy blanket. For him, the important thing is to have his circle of people close.

Little friend of loneliness

The cavapoo is very attached and always seeks the closeness of its family, which is why it hates being alone. If you have to leave it for a few hours alone at home , you should get him used to it before, if possible as a puppy.

Thanks to its friendly and open character, you can take it with you to many places without problem.

Training: sew and sing

His intelligence and quick understanding, which he owes to his heritage of poodle , they make it easy to train.

Even his hunting instinct, which he has inherited from both races, can be controlled with perseverance. But be careful, mouse hunting is in your blood.

The cavapoo dog is suitable for both beginners and experts. However, it is advisable for beginners to attend adog school

There are cavapoos of almost any color
There are cavapoos of almost any color.


Sports and activities: full exercise

This furry dog ​​is more comfortable than a bush in an active family that gets a lot of exercise outdoors. Despite the daily and family noise, it is important to offer adequate exercise to this very intelligent dog.

The canine sports , such as agility for small dogs , they are ideal for him. And it is important to test the cavapoo’s alert little head. Sniffing and intelligence games or learning tricks add variety to your entertainment program. He also loves hiking.

Ownership and care of the cavapoo

What requirements does it pose? The most important thing is to have enough time to do things together and to take care of his coat.

City or countryside?

For such a dynamic and agile dog, a house with a garden and the possibility of running around is ideal. However, it can also be had in a city apartment. The most important thing is that he has his family close and that he can frolic as he pleases from time to time.

Living with children, cats and other dogs

It is said that the cavapoo gets along wonderfully with children. And it is not surprising, since the children are as playful and energetic as he is. In addition, he also usually gets along well with other dogs and animals.

It can coexist wonderfully with cats, as long as both the dog and the cat have had good experiences with the other species.

Do you want to socialize your cavapoo with a cat? Here we give you tips for coexistence of dogs and cats.

Intensive coat care

He Care of the cavapoo’s hair and body is very important. Drooping and hairy ears are very sensitive and you should clean them regularly to prevent otitis.

He Coat care is also quite demanding because the soft, silky hair tends to tangle. Therefore, you have to brush it thoroughly several times a week. The time you invest in this care will be saved in cleaning, since these dogs shed little hair.

For this reason, they are often recommended as dogs for allergies. However, this is not one hundred percent guaranteed. Before purchasing a cavapoo, make sure no one in the family is allergic to dogs.

Caring for the cavapoo's coat is very important because it tends to get tangled
Caring for the cavapoo’s coat is very important because it tends to get tangled

Health and life expectancy

Typical health and diseases of the breed

A healthy cavapoo from responsible breeding enjoys excellent health. However, due to its genetic material composed of poodle and cavalier king charles spaniel, it can suffer from these typical diseases:

  • Progressive retinal atrophy (eye disease)
  • Heart diseases, such as mitral endocardiosis (MVD)
  • Patella problems
  • Syringomyelia (SM), a serious neurological disease of the cavalier
  • Dry eyes

They may also have hair and skin problems due to the different coat structure of the parent breeds. However, this is not very common.

What is a real challenge is finding a serious breeder who values ​​the health of the animals. Many breeders are dedicated to mating a Cavalier X with a Poodle without doing heart and kidney tests.

How long does he live?

A healthy cavapoo from responsible breeding has a life expectancy of about fifteen years.


History and breeding: where does it come from?

Is this the first time you’ve heard of the cavapoo dog? It is not surprising, since this designer dog is a very new crossbreed.

His story is similar to that of labradoodle. Australian breeders first crossed a poodle with a Cavalier King Charles spaniel in the 1990s. The pups quickly gained popularity there for their cute appearance and friendliness.

Today, the cavapoo is one of the preferred designer dogs in Australia, but there are also breeders in the US. However, in our country it is more difficult to find. The majority of breeders on European soil are currently in Great Britain.

As it is a hybrid dog, the cavapoo breed is not recognized as independent by the FCI. Other dogs of similar design, also not recognized, are the cockapoo and the golden doodle.

Where can I adopt a cavapoo?

If you want to buy a cavapoo in Spain, you will have to spend a lot of time looking for suitable breeders. As it is not a recognized breed, there is no official directory of serious breeders.

To obtain a healthy specimen from responsible breeding, you will have to closely examine the breeders. Don’t be dazzled by beautiful photos of puppies and never buy animals in a trunk in any service area.

The cavapoo breed is and will be a mix. Therefore, do not get involved in exorbitant prices of more than 1500 euros. Demand to see the parents’ pedigree and find out about their medical tests.

Small variants of the poodle are good alternatives to the cavapoo. If it doesn’t have to be a puppy, you’ll find lots of adorable mixes of all sizes in shelters.

Conclusion: very charming mix

Friendly, attentive, cuddly, playful and, on top of that, with a captivating appearance: all this is what the cavapoo offers. However, dog lovers should question the trend of breeding designer dogs. There are plenty of breeds that also have these characteristics, but they come from serious, experienced breeders.

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